This is a space for me to write about the view from here, or life as I experience it.

Maybe it’s a place for you to read, sometimes, and see that someone else on this whirling rock crammed with billions of souls has had a thought or two like yours.

The name comes from a faded pair of pajamas, made soft and comfy from dozens of trips through the laundry, printed with a peace sign, a heart, and a moose. Pajamas that are older than some friends. It seems that I stopped registering the passage of time sometime in my twenties, and though I’d swear these PJs were just a few years old, they’ve been old enough to buy beer for quite a while now.

However old they are, the idea still appeals. A field guide to life: peace, love, and if you’re lucky, the occasional moose.

Some identifying details throughout this site have been changed.

About The Author

LaShelle Easton is a veterinarian, animal communicator, and author who hates describing herself in those terms because they put her in a box and leave out the fun stuff, like budding guitar player, chocoholic, tea lover, bookworm, crazy cat lady, computer geek, dinosaur fan… She lives on the edge of the North Cascades with The World’s Greatest Husband and their woggledog, cats, chickens, and sloth.