Germy Vet Students

This story was originally published on my vet school blog, “Wet Cleanup on Aisle 5”… pre-COVID!

Last Monday, half our class showed up at school. The other half were home coughing and hacking and feeling feverish, myself included.

I’m one of the few who stayed home for the entire duration of my illness, which means I missed a few days of class. Others felt compelled to attend class in spite of being sick, which means that more of the class got infected… a vicious cycle.

(I can’t say I blame them, by the way; missing a few days of vet school can put you way behind.)

I’d be interested to know what percentage of the class overall ended up infected, but it’s pretty obvious from the lecture recordings that it was a lot:

“So now we’re *cough cough* to talk about *cough* Staphylo *coughcoughcough* equi and how that *cough sneeze* as disease in *cough. cough.*”

One of my classmates used to think children were best avoided due to their excessive germiness. She’s changed her mind. Now she thinks freshman vet students are best avoided. I agree.

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